In my design career, few projects have resonated with me the way Slide! did. Growing up, I was obsessed with baseball, so it is always exciting when I am able to work on a baseball-themed design. Author Carl Wolfson came to Mascot Books wanting to share some stories from his childhood. Carl wanted to focus on the hilarious antics of his family and, more specifically, his baseball-obsessed, wacky aunt.

In the early design discussions for this book, we decided to aim for a retro-themed baseball design. The book highlights the Philadelphia Phillies' 1964 season, so its' design should reflect characteristics of classic baseball. I formed a game plan after researching old baseball card and baseball pennant designs. Next, I created a few thumbnail sketches of what I wanted the typographic layout to look like. I brought the sketch images into my design software and to be quite honest, I quickly got to the result you see here.

I like to collect old baseball cards. And I am always astounded by their designs. As well as the designs for old baseball pennants and programs. Given that personal obsession, I was able to visualize what I wanted to do with this design right off the bat. I didn't lead off with saying 'hey I'm a huge baseball fan'. But after Carl was thrilled with the initial cover design pitches, he inquired about my knowledge of baseball. I was happy to share with him how fond I am of the game and how much this project meant to me.

Slide! 3D mockup
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