Loving WV

Working with Loving WV began as a normal freelance project. I was put into contact with the company founder, Evan Chapman, through a mutual friend and we quickly developed a collaborative rapport. We both shared a passion for all things design and our home state of West Virginia. Loving WV has developed a reputation for quality merchandise that not only resonates with native West Virginians, but also travelers who are fond of the state.

Loving WV offers a variety of merchandise that includes t-shirts, hats, stickers, koozies, and even Christmas ornaments. Keeping these items in mind, each time I work on design for them it has to have a healthy level of flexibility. I've worked on a handful of these projects with Evan. And each time they endure a similar process. Evan and I start off by discussing the new theme and story Evan wants to tell with a design. Since Evan has a background in design himself, we can both really get down to the specifics of a design that aren't usually talked about when I brainstorm with other clients. After this initial stage, I'll sketch out a handful of ideas to execute a certain design. Once I have my favorites picked out, I'll bring those into the computer and start to build them out.

As soon as I have something to show Evan, I'll send him some mockups of the design on some of the specific merchandise we talked about. From there, we can really pick apart what's working for the designs and how we can make them better for the items they'll be used for. With Evan's expert knowledge of the business and the products he sells, I truly believe the final designs we come to are the best possible version they could be.

Each time I complete a project for Loving WV, a few weeks go by before I'm anxiously awaiting that fateful text from Evan that outlines the next one. Working on these designs that I sometimes see on a shirt at some social event or even on the back of a pickup truck has been a gratifying experience.

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