kandersteg alpine adventure

Early in my design career, I worked for a company called Signet Marketing that offered screen printing, embroidery, signage, and vehicle graphics services. While there, I would occasionally work on projects for various troops of Boy Scouts of America. This was always an exciting opportunity to have products I worked on reach various corners of the world! The design I've chosen to share with you here is from a troop that was camping in Germany. One of the big trips for this camping session was a backpacking trip in Kandersteg, Switzerland.

Troop 107 came to Signet to order various apparel for this trip. The troop wanted a flexible design that they could print and embroider onto different articles of clothing. We agreed the best visual to incorporate would be a graphic of the Swiss Alps. Since this image was going to be embroidered onto hats, maintaining a high level of simplicity was key. Similarly, using tall condensed fonts in a design that will be embroidered at a small size is extremely helpful. Any time I would design graphics for screen printing, I had to be mindful of the amount of colors I would use in order to be sure the project was cost-effective. The design shown here would be two colors in screen printing, which was sufficient. Most of the troops apparel would be navy, so we would only need to print white and bright blue ink.

As time passes by in my career as a designer, this mark for Troop 107 continues to be one a strong sample in my portfolio. Simple vector illustrations continue to be some of my favorite graphics to design. And they certainly work well when you're designing small patches for boy scout troops.

patch design mark
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