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When I worked on a logo for Just Jenny's, it was an exciting opportunity to help out a friend who was starting a side business. Jenny, the owner/sole proprietor, loves to bake cakes. She had baked a few cakes for friends and friends of friends and as a result, had begun to accrue a decent-sized client base. Wanting to formalize her brand, she approached me to help with some logo designs that would fit the various mediums she utilized for her business.

My design talks with Jenny were definitely collaborative. She had a handful of requests that I was tasked to meet. One of which, was incorporating the use of a cupcake graphic. This was important because her baking expertise errs on the side of confections, as opposed to bread. Additionally, Jenny wanted to see something that utilized a simple line-work style graphic. I wouldn't say illustration is a weakness of mine, but it's definitely an area of design that I don't get to practice often. That being said, this logo design was a welcome challenge. Fortunately, the graphic theme Jenny was going for, was one that strongly resonates with me. We both agreed a patch, or badge-style, graphic should be something to aim for. Custom printed boxes were not something that would regularly be in Just Jenny's budget for inventory. So when screen printed boxes aren't an option, Jenny likes to use plain ones. I suggested that a patch style logo would be a versatile design that she may be able to use to get a custom stamp, and therefore, add her brand's touch to the containers her cupcakes are delivered in.

In addition to the patch design, Jenny and I had talked about utilizing a bold sans-serif word mark to potentially use on future signage. Aside from signage, the mark should work for a custom printed box design when that was an option. It was important to repeat certain elements across both the patch and wordmark design to maintain uniformity of the brand. Therefore, I decided to continue to incorporate the cupcake graphic, as well as the typeface Archer Pro.

Within hours of completing this logo design, Jenny had already begun utilizing the image on her social media accounts. After reading some of her posts, I could tell she was proud of the design we created together. It was clear that having a professionally designed logo gave her a different level of confidence in the services she could provide. Because of her overall satisfaction with the end result, this project continues to be one I'm highly fond of.

Just Jenny's Patch LogoJust Jenny's Wordmark Logo
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