expo UI Design

Taking the time to educate myself more in the field of UX/UI Design has been particularly fulfilling for me. I am fascinated by the research and strategy that goes into UX, and I've always loved the engaging graphics that are created in a UI design stage. Most of my education comes in the form of taking classes on Skillshare. In these classes, I occasionally get a chance to create work for class projects. In my time of trying to learn more about this field's best practices, my class projects have been extremely rewarding.

This particular class project, was to create a homepage for a photography and videography e-commerce website. I was tasked with designing a mockup that included various components you should expect on a website of this nature. I decided to aim for a mostly black and white color theme with red accents. It was important to me to include product shots of cameras that were particularly engaging to better entice the creative customers that may frequent this site.

Expo Mobile UI
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