Christina White, Realtor

This project has a special significance unlike any other I have worked on. In the spring of 2019, my wife and I were beginning to explore some home-buying options. We had a few locations in mind of residential neighborhoods that we knew we wanted to live in. To be quite honest, we thought it was just wishful thinking. However, we chose to work with Christina as our realtor. She was able to get us a great loan program that really fit with our budget. Her guidance throughout the home-buying process opened up a lot of options we previously thought weren't possible. In the end, Christina was able to get us a great deal on the house at the top of our wish list. I am forever grateful for the expertise she brought to the table.

Fast forward to a few months after we closed on our dream home, Christina approached me to design a logo for her. This was the perfect opportunity to reciprocate on the amazing service Christina provided my family. Christina and I began this process by outlining some of the ways she would use her logo. As well as her own personal ideas and expectations from the logo design. After researching a few brands in the industry, I concluded that luxury, professionalism, and simplicity would be qualities to aim for. If luxury and professional is implied from a realtor's logo design, people can expect the same traits in the outcome of working with that realtor. Since the logo would be used in many variations, I wanted to keep the design simple in order to achieve flexibility.

After a research and brainstorm stage, I began to sketch out a few options for Christina's logo. I decided the logo should be able to function as a graphic with a wordmark. But an individual graphic should also be created for when it is used at smaller sizes. We knew that we wanted to explore use of a key, due to Christina's "key to your WV home" tagline. In the end, we went with a monogram style graphic that includes a key and Christina's initials: CW. For the full graphic and wordmark version, I intentionally had a design with loosely spaced typography. This can make a design much more breathable. We chose navy and gold for colors so that people can immediately associate with West Virginia when viewing the logo.

Christina was overwhelmed with the initial round of logo mockups. Simply because, she was so fond of each option I proposed. We talked a lot about how each of the various options would work for the specific ways she intended to use them. I could tell Christina really valued my input. Similar to the way she was able to offer my family such helpful insight during the purchase of our home. In the end, we picked the option that was most flexible and best represented Christina.

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