Bite-Size Bios

While working at Mascot Books, I am frequently involved in helping create a brand for authors who have the plan to publish a series of books. One project I am particularly fond of, is Bite-Size Bios. Authors Evan Loomis and Levi Bethune had a vision of highlighting positive role models in a fun and vibrant illustration style that attracted young readers' attention. The design that you see here, was not the final design chosen. But I've taken the time to walk you through my process and show some different mockup shots because I feel it was a strong option that still fits the book very well.

The first book in the series is Elon Musk: This Book is About Rockets. This title was also our first instance of introducing a brand mark I created for the series. During a brainstorming session, we agreed to aim for a logo mark that would act as a badge to be placed throughout the book. Additionally, Evan and Levi wanted a mark that would appear fun and clever. After researching the industry and target market, I began sketching. I had a few ideas I was fond of early on, many of which went for a seal/badge type design. After bringing in some sketches in the computer and composing the designs in Adobe Illustrator, I pitched the design you see here. For years it's been a design that I am still immensely proud of. Using a badge style logo with almost square proportions, we were able to achieve a good amount of flexibility for the various sizes the logo would appear in. Although this isn't the approved option, I still feel the need to celebrate it because it highlights another one of my strengths: simple vector illustrations.

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