Bad Book Club

At the start of 2020, I was approached by a freelance client to create a logo for a podcast. The podcast in question, was Bad Book Club. This was a feature where hosts Ben and 'Salty' Dalton read and review the lowest rated, and free, ebooks they can find on the web. Oftentimes, these consists of adult romance novels, which Ben and Dalton discovered have quite a bit of plot holes they like to poke fun at.

This project called for an expressive style I don't often get to practice. I had so much fun creating the logo and identity for this project. And I was so enthralled with the design and the overall idea, that I was frequently talking to Ben about ideas for the podcast that were in no way related to design. One suggestion I had came to fruition: pull quotes for social media. In books, pull quotes are a sampling of a passage to come, that has been given a larger design treatment for emphasis and to entice the reader to keep reading. So as a way to create buzz for the upcoming episodes, I recommended we could use pull quote graphics to spread the word on social media.

I still get the chance to work on this project every month. The hand-drawn logo and typography elements that I have the opportunity to create for this podcast genuinely remind me why I love what I do.

Bad Book Club podcast logo
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