Ricky Frame headshot

About Me

I like to approach design with my own unique expression. I typically strive for minimalistic qualities, because I believe that getting down to the core focus of a design solution is most effective. In addition to my 'less is more' tactics, I try to introduce design elements that add a level of customization to each project I work on.

When I'm not thinking about the one-of-a-kind aspects to add to a design, I'm thinking about how the end product will be perceived. With extensive research in the early stages of my work, I'm able to familiarize myself with the respective target market. In addition to this insight, I acquire the necessary knowledge to ensure the end product is delivered effectively.

In my career endeavors, I am always looking for new challenges. I'm always looking to work on projects that introduce me to something I haven't worked on before. I have worked in multiple leadership roles, and I have found those roles to be quite fulfilling. Aside from the satisfaction I get from design work, I get a lot of gratification from inspiring others.

I received my B.A. in Graphic Design from West Virginia Wesleyan College. Some of my favorite things to design are monograms for baseball hats and hand-lettered drawings. My favorite part of any job is seeing the results in the form of a product or being used out in public.

I like to keep up-to-date with the graphic design world by studying design theory and consistently listening to podcast interviews with my favorite designers. I am always looking to implement new keyboard shortcuts and automated computer functions to speed up my workflow.